Thursday, April 10, 2008

Horseless Rodeo

I almost forgot about the Horseless Rodeo! Easter weekend we went up to Gramma Sherwoods for a little family reunion which was a blast in it's self. Then we went to Jacob and Cami Slades for a Horseless Rodeo, what a RIOT! The kids rode steers, chased chickens, and dressed goats. Mom and dad even got in on the fun with some steer dressing and cow milking contests. We were glad to have the Woffinden's there, too and hope they enjoyed a down-home Arkansas day at the farm! Here are some photos of the kids that will blow you away!

Ski Trip!

We had a blast in Utah with some of our dearest friends for spring break! I think skiing is one of my new list of "hardest things I've ever done." However, it was a perfect leg workout for the day since all the other days were passed with cabin games and food! Mike and Gina, well Gina anyway, made the best food including an amazing Mocha Lava cake! Heather and Bryan shared in our entertainment by providing endless hours of Wii tournaments of which I think Shandi, Heather, and Gina kicked my tail for the most part. Brian and Shandi killed us on the slopes even though I think they would have been even scarier on snowboards. And don't worry about the kiddos, they had a blast hanging out at Papa and Grandma's house in Mississippi. Nathan and I feel like we still are so blessed after these short 10 years to have such great friends. Our family has grown so amazingly. You can't imagine the power of our family with our 4 spunky kids always asking us questions to keep our minds sharp! Following as close as we can the gospel of Christ and having fun while doing it. We are so grateful for all of you to be a part of what makes us the Browns we are today!