Wednesday, August 27, 2008

End of Summer

You have to hear about our 4th! Josh and Am came in with the kids and we all went to Uncle Daniels’ for a pig roasting! We swam all morning and then played the rest of the day at Daniel and Lacy’s while the whole pig cooked in a pit by the pond. After the party, we drove into Searcy for the Harding firework show. Am and I even threw in a firecracker 5.8 mile run that day. It was another great day with the family! Aunt Mae and Uncle Jason and all our cousins came to spend a fantastic week of fun with us. We went bowling, swimming, and played our hearts out. Then, we took them to a Travelers game that was awesome, though a little hot. The kids even ran the bases on the field at the end. We also spent a whole day at Wild River Country which you can just imagine was a blast. Oh, and we can’t forget a day a Chuck E Cheese for Rebecca and Tallin’s birthday party. Tallin is 4 now and excited about Pre-K next month.When the Dietz’s’ left, Nathan and I followed them to St. Louis to take Grandma Edgmon to see her family for one of my cousins weddings. The kids got lucky and spent the weekend with Aunt Bec. The wedding was beautiful and my Aunt Carrie and Martha had a blast with their sister. While we were there we took advantage of another 10 year anniversary celebration. We went to Six Flags, dinner, and a movie. We went to the temple, danced at the reception and we stayed out late! It was a good break.
After, we got home, Madison and Gillian got to spend a week with us and Nathan went back on contract. I think the highlight may have been the Hannah Montana 3D concert party at the neighbors. We spent lots of time playing still, but are trying to get back on a schedule now. We’ve really enjoyed all the family visits and anticipate more to come.
I thought at the end I would put our top 10 favorite memories from this summer:

Jalen said,
Playing with my school friends that I don’t see all summer
Spending time with our family

Deserae said,
Going to Papa’s house
Boating with Bret and Leslie in Mountain Home

Tallin said,
Going camping in Hot Springs
Going to the water park with Aunt Mae

Brodie said,
Tubing behind Papa’s boat, Stan’s boat, and Bret’s boat….

Mom said,
Hosting family fun-time at the house and on the road
St Louis!!

Dad said,
St Louis!